Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the hot air balloon ride in Dubai?
The duration of a hot air balloon ride in Dubai can vary depending on the specific tour and package selected, as well as weather conditions. Typically, hot air balloon rides in Dubai last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, the total experience, including pickup from your hotel, transportation to the launch site, and post-flight activities, can take up to 4 hours.
Is there anyone who can't take a hot air balloon ride?
Although ballooning is considered extremely safe, certain passengers unfortunately won't be able to join us:
- pregnant ladies more than three months along
- Children younger than 5 years old
- Anyone that has had major surgery in the last 6 months
- Anyone suffering from broken leg/arm in the past six months and those experiencing chronic back or neck pain.
What if there is fog or strong wind on the morning of my flight?
Safety of our guests is always of top importance, which means at times we may need to postpone takeoff due to fog or increased winds over Dubai desert. In such an instance, Instead of waiting around at the take-off site while we wait for the fog to lift or the winds to calm down, we will drive you to our Bedouin camp so you can enjoy a gourmet breakfast before the flight. As we can reverse the sequence of events, we can ensure that you can enjoy the experience without increasing the overall trip duration. When this happens, the sun would already be up, but the views are just as beautiful.
Where does the hot air balloon land?
Hot Air Balloon flights depend on wind currents to determine direction and distance; thus creating unique experiences and views during each ride.
When do you fly the hot air balloons?
As the sun begins its journey across the Arabian desert and fills the sky with light, we set off early to experience it firsthand. Early morning flights offer optimal flying conditions with calm winds that highlight breathtaking vistas and incredible desert landscapes.

Weather permitting, our balloon flights typically last about an hour. Weather permitting, we operate 7-days-a-week from September until the end of May.
What are the criteria for the passenger for flying?
Age limit for any passenger will be above 5 years to less than 80 years (less than 5 years and more than 80 years’ passenger will not be allowed to fly). Passenger need to sign a declaration form declaring that he/she doesn’t have any serious medical problems such as – Heart problem – Knee & back bone Surgery in last 6 months – Phobia of height – Pregnant lady. – Physical & Mental disabilities. Child age group (5-12 years) above 12years of age is considered an adult.
Do you have Balloon Flights all year round?
The Balloon flight is generally from September to May with annual variations. Weather in Dubai can be tricky and unpredictable, especially in early spring: but the months of the winter are regularly good for ballooning. Winter flights offer crystal clear views of desert dunes, sun rise, mountains on the south east and the skyline of Dubai on the north – west side.
Do the passengers need to carry/provide any documents before flight?
Yes. It is a mandatory requirement that all passengers submit a copy of their ID’s (Passport copy/Emirates ID/any Government-issued ID) when making their reservation.
How long is the tour and where do we land?
Balloon flying time is around 1 Hour, slightly less or more depends on different flying criteria. Generally, the balloon landing depends on the direction of the wind. Our ground crew continuously follow the balloon and once we land they will bring us back to the breakfast area.
How can we get a refund if our flight gets cancelled due to bad weather or any other reason?
If the weather does not permit your flight, we recommend you reschedule your flight for the next available day to avoid missing out on this unforgettable experience. If it’s not possible, we can validate your ticket for one year or in full, subject to our cancellation policy.
Who controls the safety standard of the balloon flight?
All our Pilots hold a GCAA – UAE valid License and have several hours of balloon flying experience with a very good record. We strictly maintain the Safety and Quality standards set by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority.
When are passengers notified about their pick up time/point?
We will email you the evening one day prior before 8pm to confirm the pick-up time, pick-up point and details of the flight.
How can we book this experience/flight?
Book the flight through our website or travel agent. For online booking you can do the payment through net banking or through credit card.